‘Land’ screens in Oskar’s Legacy: Films Influenced by Fischinger

Wednesday, Aug. 15, 7 pm at Ives Hall, SSU

Oskar’s Legacy: Films Influenced by Fischinger, 7 pm
From the early days of visual music, animators and filmmakers acknowledged Fischinger’s profound influence on their work. Here we present films from Mary Ellen Bute, Len Lye and others, across 8 decades, along with contemporary artists’ digital films (full title list coming soon).

We are very excited to screen ‘Land’ in this program of legendary artists this August in our childhood home of Sonoma County!
This screening series from CVM includes films by artists including:

Oskar Fischinger
Mary Ellen Bute
Len Lye
Norman McLaren
& Evelyn Lambart – Begone Dull Care
Jordan Belson
Bruce Conner – Cosmic Ray
Walter Ruttmann
Hans Richter
Harry Smith
Charles Dockum – Mobilcolor Performance Film
Jules Engel
John Stehura – Cibernetik 5.3
Barry Spinello – Soundtrack
David Lebrun -Tanka
Jud Yalkut – Turn, Turn, Turn
Michel Gagné -Sensology
Robert Seidel
Max Hattler – Matter and Motion – US premiere!
Steven Woloshen
Bret Battey
Kurt Laurenz Theinert – Visual Piano
Baerbel Neubauer – Feuerhaus (Firehouse)
Oerd van Cuijlenborg – Jazzimation 2
Chris Casady – Pencil Dance
Sean Capone
Eric Leiser – Land
Paul Fletcher
Paul Prudence
and more…