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Eric Leiser is an award-winning artist, experimental filmmaker, animator and holographer working in New York and born in California. An alumni of CalArts Art and Experimental animation programs, he was mentored by program creator/filmmaker/animator Jules Engel. After graduating from CalArts, he was mentored by artist/filmmaker Jan Švankmajer in Prague, CZ.

Eric creates intricate works of animated film, sculpture, holography and painting along with film installation integrating animation, painting, sculpture, holography and live performance.

His most recent solo exhibitions include: Filmhuis Cavia in Amsterdam, The Horse Hospital Museum in London, The Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco, Galerie Entropia in Poland, MaRS Gallery in Los Angeles, Galerie du Haut Pave in Paris, Sound of MU Gallery in Oslo, Flux Factory/Holocenter in New York City, Fringe Exhibitions Gallery in Los Angeles, Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, Ruben H. Fleet Space Museum in San Diego and Goldsmiths, University of London. Recent group exhibitions include The Whitney Museum of American Art, The MIT Museum, MassMoCA, Armory Arts Center, Spencer Brownstone Gallery and Cabinet Magazine among others. Eric’s work is in the collection of the Whitney Museum, EYE Filmmusuem, New Zealand Film Archive, Icelandic Film Archive, CVM Archive among others.

His animated/live action films have been shown at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum of Modern Art Antwerp, The Istanbul Modern Museum of Art, Thessaloniki Contemporary Art Museum, MASS MoCA, Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas Museum de Buenos Aires, The Ruben H. Fleet Space Museum, Four-Dimensions Space Art Museum Beijing, The Exploratorium Museum, The Wexner Center, (BFI) British Film Institute, Anthology Film Archives, Los Angeles Filmforum, San Francisco Film Society, Aster Arts Plaza Hiroshima, Armory Art Center, Oxford University, Goldsmiths-University of London, Royal College of Art, Harvard University, California Institute of the Arts, The Art Institute in Chicago, The New School, SVA, Pratt Institute, The Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing and Sonoma State University among others. His films have screened in the world’s top film festivals most recently at the Cannes Film Festival, Annecy International Animation Festival and the Hiroshima International Animation Festival among others. His 4th feature film Apocalypsis was released by Lionsgate in 2018. A 3-part retrospective of his work from (2001-2015) is available on kinoscope.org Part-4 of his retrospective, Films of Eric Leiser (2016-2021) will be released on kinoscope.org in Autumn 2022, touring Europe, the United States and Asia in Autumn 2022.

Currently, Eric is at work on his 5th feature film and first fully animated feature film titled “Twilight Park”.


Dreamer (1999)
Waking a Dream (2000)
Autumn (2001)
Prelude (2001)
Terra Incognita (2002)
Psalms (2003)
Iceland (2004)
Young Faustus (2004)
Faustbook (feature) (2005)
Lot in Sodom (2005)
Ephemera (2005)
Forest (2005)
Beyond the Forest (2006)
Imagination (feature) (2007)
Dream One (2007)
Town on Skull Rock (2007)
Earthquake (2007)
Irrational Numbers (2008)
Tir Na Nog (2008)
Regeneration (2009)
Maelstrom (2010)
Hastings Conqueror (2010)
Glitch in the Grid (feature) (2011)
Norsk Folksang (2011)
The Boy who went after the North Wind (2011)
Living Waters (2012)
Land (2012)
Broken Dream (2012)
Decoding the Prime (2012)
If I (Was) (2013)
Little Band of Sailors (2013)
Ember (2013)
Birth (2014)
Automata (2014)
Holonomic (2015)
Set in Stone (2016)
Elephunk (2016)
Apocalypsis (feature) (2016)
Anthropic Principle (2016)
Escape (2017)
Amphora (2017)
Queen Bee (2017)
What It Tastes Like (2017)
Apocalypsis:Theosis (2018)
Deathless (2018)
Hieroglyphic (2018)
Dwell With Me (2018)
Superconductivity (2019)
Ambient Chaconne (2019)
Secret (2020)
Cure (2020)
Seraphim on the Go (2021)
Santa Rosa (2021)
Pinnacles (2022)
Twilight Park (2024) (upcoming feature)
Inner Earth (2024) (upcoming feature)
Evangelion (upcoming feature)

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Jeffrey Leiser (Curriculum Vitae) is an American director/producer, composer, and writer/editor. He made his Carnegie Hall debut in 2019 with a selection from Freydís and Gudrid. He was a 2018 Composer-in-Residence at the Guild Hall of East Hampton and is a three-time Cultural Fellow (American Scandinavian Society/Foundation/Association). His music was featured at the Whitney Museum of American Art, ‘Dreamlands’ exhibition. He won a gold medal, best score, at the Park City Film Music Festival. He has released 12 albums of original music/scores. His symphony The Summit was broadcast by ClassicFM and Radio Nacional de España and received positive reviews from Gramophone Magazine and I Care If You Listen. Jeffrey is the founder of Set Theory Productions LLC, an affiliate of Albino Fawn Productions. 



Professional Awards/Grants/Fellowships/Commissions include: 2018 Composer-in-Residence, Guild Hall of East Hampton (Opera) 2018 Cultural Fellow, American Scandinavian Association (Opera) 2017 Cultural Fellow, American Scandinavian Society (Opera) 2016 Featured Artist, Whitney Museum of American Art, 'Dreamlands' 2016 Commission: Featured/Visiting Artist, Wexner Center for the Arts 2016 Cultural Fellow, American Scandinavian Foundation (Opera) 2013 Commission: SALT Gallery 2011 Commission: Spark + Echo Arts 2011 Gold Medal - Best Score, Park City Film Music Festival 2013 Grand Jury Award, Audience Award, Catskill Film & Video Festival 2013 Opening Night Award, San Francisco International Animation Festival 2011 UK Film Music Awards, Nomination - Best Score, 'Faustbook'.



Discography includes: Apocalypsis - Official Soundtrack, 2018, Indican Pictures, Macbeth - Official Soundtrack, 2018, No Name Collective, The Summit Symphony, 2015, Discovery Music + Vision, Time Squares, 2014, CFAN, Hologalactic, 2012, AFP, Niðarós EP, 2011, AFP Glitch in the Grid - Official Soundtrack, 2011, Vanguard, Passages, Volumes 1 + 2, 2010, AFP, Live: Volumes 1 + 2, 2010, AFP, Foretaste, 2010, AFP, Expressive Compulsive, Volumes 1 + 2, 2010, AFP, Imagination - Official Soundtrack, 2009, Vanguard.



Concerts include: Freydís and Gudrid (formerly "Far Travelers") at the Guild Hall of East Hampton, FTO Orchestra (2018),  The Summit Symphony, T.S.S. Orchestra, Avatar Studios (2015), Selected Piano Works II, Antique Garage (2014), Time Squares: Immersive live concert, CFAN New York (2013) Select Piano Works I, Greenwich Village Bistro, 2010-2012. Music Installations include: Tower Room Overture, Estate of Karl Pettijohn, 2018 Heartcore, The Living Gallery, Brooklyn, 2013 Pilgrimsferd til Niðarós, Live With Animals Gallery, Brooklyn, 2011 North Wind, Scandinavian East Coast Museum, Brooklyn, 2011 Rosemåling, IAM Gallery, NYC, 2011 Hologalactic, All Things Project Gallery, NYC, 2011 Festivals 2012 Make Music New York - Featured Performer.