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albinonytimes-smA Northern California artist in the grip of a spiritual crisis takes an eye opening trip through Hollywood with his two cousins, and experiences a profound epiphany before making a life altering decision. Depressed over the fact that he has rarely ventured out of his sheltered hometown, skilled artist Jay is excited when his cousins Eric and Jeff invite him to L.A. for an extended visit. Meanwhile, during their trek through Hollywood, the troubling signs of a failing economy are everywhere, sending Jay into a metaphysical tailspin and prompting him to cry out to the creator. Surprisingly, God answers Jay’s call, appearing before him as a dove and convincing him that there is still hope for the world. Later, Jay bids goodbye to Eric and Jeff, returns home, gets an environmentally friendly job. Months later, the trio is reunited at Eric’s wedding. But just as Jay’s loneliness begins to return, he realizes that it’s time for a change, and prepares to take his first giant leap into the unknown. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi