Psalms (2003) 18min

directed, designed and animated by Eric Leiser
music by Jeffrey Leiser


Psalms is a personal experimental exploration of the book of Psalms in the Holy Bible. Through respectfully, reverently and intuitively translating the scripture into visually symbolic language we embark across landscapes of the human soul journeying from praise and the rejoicing found in nature and God toward pain and death found in sin and ultimately to redemption found in the Holy Trinity. Also please watch the credits as the last part of the film is after them.

Director’s Statement:

Psalms was made during my time at CalArts and is to date what i consider my most realized work. The film was done very quickly due to the excruciating non stop effort i put forth toward it’s creation. I went on the same spiritual journey the film charts, filled with ecstatic joy and torturous spiritual attack leading to a cleansing redemption filled with peace.