faustbook-faceJacob Faust (1980 – 2005)

Faustbook DVD

Faustbook is Eric’s first feature film which spanned over a 5 year shooting time. The film began with two like minded individuals who shared a passion for a wide range of esoteric subjects, alternative history and the Holy Bible. The intent was to make a completely improvised film based on a purely intuitive process. They set off on this journey with many things in mind but no set plans. Subconsciously, they would construct the film until it revealed it’s true identity. Jacob and Eric had always joked about his last name and it’s significance but slowly over time it became clear that this film was about the Faust legend. Jake took over Eric’s old job funeral directing and slowly learned of the secret world of caring for the deceased. In the end, Eric was left with a very creative, funny, dark piece of work. This is a living memorial to a friend and an artist who worked at the highest degree, sometimes that is too much to keep us contained within this temporal world. Enjoy this offering with all your heart, mind and spirit knowing that this is what you really call a once in a lifetime role.

Faustbook trailer