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Ken Priebe – Breath of Life Animation

Print Features – March 2008 Issue of Animation Magazine “Day in the Life”ANIM-FIX

Glitch in the Grid REVIEWS

Louis Proyect – The Unrepentent Marxist

Aaron Sankin – Huffington Post


Frank Lovece – Film Journal International


Dennis Schwartz – Ozu’s World

Fluidity (France)

Brian Skutle – Sonic Cinema

The Independent Critic

Imagination INTERVIEWS

Joseph Belanger – ION CinemaIONcinema

Ken Priebe – Hollywood Jesus

Noralil Ryan Fores – Short End Magazine
(magazine nonexistent, please contact for info)


Imagination REVIEWS

Film Journal

FPS Magazine


Dennis Schwartz

DVD Talk [Bill Gibron]

Patrick Meaney

Mystical Movie Guide

DVD Verdict

Late Film

Sonic Cinema

All Movie Guide

Movie Patron

Film Intuition

The Oregonian [Stan Hall]

Portland Tribune [Lee Williams]

Dream Logic

Lamar’s Movie Palace

Bob Kaplan

Campus Circle

Arrow In The Head

Spiral Notepad

Film Critic


Red Vic

Cartoon Brew

Bill’s Movie Reviews

Glasgow To The Movies

Imagination is…”an impressive mixture of stop-motion, 2D and pixelation.”

Anthony Scott, animation supervisor for titles like Corpse Bride, Coraline, and animator for The Nightmare Before Christmas, Monkeybone, James and the Giant Peach, Gumby, etc…

Currently Unavailable:

Dreaming at 24fps (website went away)

Peaceful Critic

SD CityBeat

The Onion (Print Only)

Film As Art – Danel Griffin (temporarily unavailable)

Forest (short film) REVIEWS

Late Magazine



Faustbook REVIEWS

Faustbook is “an extreme character study that will shock you and leave you in awe.”

– Tony Farinella, Movie Crazed, *** out of ****

Movie Crazed

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